The staff of the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum has been hard at work throughout Polar Express and into the New Year developing a project they feel very passionate about: The T-County Patriot Youth History Rally which will be held at New Towne Mall on Saturday, February 26 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

Museum Director Wendy Zucal shares “There is definitely a method to our madness and a much higher goal that we are trying to achieve with this event.”  Zucal explains that the overall guiding mission is to protect our county historic attractions for posterity. “To accomplish this goal, there are two sides to the issue that must be addressed. One is financial, the need to create funding for sites, and the other is commitment, the need to insure community support and engagement to the sites. One cannot survive without the other.”

A solution for the financial side was put into motion with the creation last year of the Tuscarawas County History Legacy Fund, which is housed at the Tuscarawas County Community Foundation. This fund was established to accept charitable donations for historic sites from which the interest from the principal will be donated back to support area museums and historic attractions.  The Tuscarawas Valley Heritage Inc oversees the development of this fund.  Anyone interested in making a donation can contact the Community Foundation.

“Now the focus turns to community support of these sites, and the best place to begin is with our future – our youth”, Zucal shares. To fulfill this goal, an exciting T-County Youth Patriot Rally will be held at New Towne Mall that is planned to inspire enthusiasm and love for history. The all day event, geared specifically to kids and families, will include Revolutionary, Civil, WWI and WWII reenactors and displays. There will be musical entertainment, historical fashion shows, demonstrations from various museums, historical character impersonations, games and prizes.

The Depot expects to have 100 tables filled with museums, historical sites and organizations, 30 historical demonstrations and fifty plus historical characters in costumes. There will be ongoing storytelling conducted by the Tuscarawas County Public Libraries, crafts, games and activities for the kids.

Free gifts will be given to the first 500 kids who attend, and winners of a fun scavenger hunt will have the opportunity to win a Kindle, an iPod and an Ipad – as well as many other prizes.

The event is FREE. For more information, families and kids are encouraged to contact the Depot at 740-922-6776 or e-mail Any organization wishing to participate and reach out to our area youth is also encouraged to contact the Depot.

Kids can also get involved and receive updates by joining the T-County History Patriots Facebook page.!/pages/T-County-History-Patriots/153163104726050. For children not permitted to use Facebook, they can receive information as well by using the e-mail address above.