Several attended a hike sponsored by the Harrison County Historical Society on Sunday November 14. The hike followed a section of Ohio’s Buckeye Trail along the shore of Piedmont Lake.
The main objective of the hike was to reach the abandoned roadway that was the entry point to Harrison County by Morgan’s Raiders in July of 1863. A main item of interest along the trail was the former site of the Sea Scout’s land ship S.S.S. Hanna. Hike leader, Ray Ferrell (pictured talking to the hiking group), also a member of the Buckeye Trail Association, had camped at the scout base as a boy and pointed out the remnants of the rifle range, the activities board, the parking and camping areas, and the land ship’s iron mooring post. Afterwards everyone enjoyed some hot chocolate while making plans for the next hike, which will take place on November 28 at 1:30 p.m.
The Buckeye Trail outing will be a moderate 4.2 mile hike starting at Thin Lane, near the old Tri-County fairground and end at State Route 22 in Piedmont. Call Ray Ferrell at 740-942-3475 for more information. More details can be found in the November 20 print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.