News-Herald Staff Writer

JEWETT – Nestled in the woods along State Route 151, halfway between Jewett and Hopedale, sits a peaceful little brick church called Bethel. It is the third church to grace the property where weekly Methodist worship has commenced for over 192 years. This year marks the 192nd year of the Bethel United Methodist Church Society.

The original log church was but in 1818.The first Bethel Church

structure was about 30 feet by 30 feet, and used split logs with legs as seats for members. The second Church was built in 1839, a brick structure costing $1,600 which, was debt free by the following year.

The third and existing church of Bethel was built in 1905, on land adjoining the original church property donated by the Hugh Birney family.

You can read the entire history and growth of Bethel United Methodist Church, along with other features and events of area churches, in the November 20, 2010 print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.

Pictured above is Matthew Dulkoski, Bethel Church historian, welcoming everyone to Bethel Church. Services are held every Sunday at 9:45 a.m. with Rev. Rod Bowers officiating. The photograph on the left is called “Time,” a 1947 painting by the Myers brothers of Steubenville. The painting was donated to the church by the Joe Makara family and still hangs in Bethel Church’s sanctuary today.  NH Photos/KATINA WATT