Vast portions of motorists are utilizing a 10-mile detour during the road construction project taking place on U.S. 250 in the Tappan Lake Region. The detour includes Ohio 9 at Cadiz to Ohio 151 to Scio and Bowerston, eventually reconnecting at U.S. 250 past Tappan Lake. Temporary signals and signs are placed at the intersection of Ohio 9 and U.S. 22 with more at Ohio 151 and U.S. 250, plus the two ramps at Cadiz, to accommodate the increased traffic and some speed limits have been lowered. This seems to be the detour of choice, with the least chance of making a wrong turn.

Another bypass is designated for local traffic along Stock Township Road 314, or Brough Road, as well as County Roads 2 and 3, or Deersville Ridge and Barricklow roads.

Speed limits along Ohio 151 and Ohio 9 have been dropped by 10 miles per hour in some areas, including near Bowerston and along Ohio 9 outside of Scio and Cadiz.

A November 30 completion date has been set but if all goes according to plan it could occur around late October.