News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – Harrison County Commissioners signed off on several contracts to renew services for local agencies.
During Wednesday’s session, commissioners ok’d an agreement between the county Department of Job and Family Services and Rural Transit to provide transportation to Medicaid-eligible clients.
“It’s the annual contract we have for our transport services…with Rural Transit,” explained DJFS Director Scott Blackburn. “Nothing’s changed.”
He said the contract was not to exceed $295,000 and was for clients for Medicaid-related visits.
The pact is for non-emergency transportation (NET) services, pregnancy-related services (PRS) transportation and Healthcheck transportation provided by Rural Transit and the annual contract is retroactive from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011. It provides $1.75 for the first eligible rider with $1.50 for each additional client going to the same location, while one family member can be transported free of charge. Layover charges are only on trips of 65 miles or more one way with the cost at 33 cents per minute starting at the time of the client’s medical appointment. There also is a $5 fee for no-shows with no mileage charge permitted, as well as $1.75 per mile for office miles and dead miles, respectively to pick up the client and return to the office or base. No unauthorized pick-ups or drop-offs are permitted.
“There is no cost [to the clients] as long as they are Medicaid-eligible,” Blackburn said.
County leaders also approved a participation agreement for the county Child Support Enforcement Agency regarding employment and income verification services performed by TALX Corp. from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011. CSEA Director David Watson said the services are used to verify employment of absent parents when seeking child support for clients.
“There is a 50-cent-per-unit increase,” Watson told commissioners. “It used to be $3 and now its $3.50. We are required to do verifications and the company is doing it. We search to see if absent parents are employed and there is a [$3.50) charge for a request. Now there are employers who use this in the county.”
The accord was initially made between the County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corp., a state for-profit corporation, the county CSEA and the Ohio CSEA Director’s Association, also known as OCDA.
“The state used to pay for the contract, but with the budget problems it was going to pass it down to the counties. But the commissioners’ association and OCDA got together to do this for the whole state.”
In other matters, commissioners:
–Approved a $50,000 transfer from the prisoner keep line item to mandated share for the DJFS;
–Approved a $500 increase in the sheriff’s Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) account and a $2,000 hike in funds for continuing professional training;
–Approved a $2,400 transfer from the treasurer’s DRETAC account, with $1,100 each for PERS and worker’s compensation and $200 for Medicare.