News-Herald Staff Writer

ADENA – David Nation of Scio is alive and well today thanks to the cool head and quick reactions of his five-year-old grandson, Joshua Michael Nation of Newcomerstown.

On June 12 the two of them were riding four-wheelers in the woods around Adena’s sportsmen’s club when David suffered a diabetes seizure.

“We were riding the trails and I started seeing black spots and real bright lights so I told him we better head back to the club house,” said David. “When we got to the dirt road his chain came off and I tried to fix it. I remember bending over and that’s the last thing I remember. I told him I wasn’t feeling good and after that I don’t remember anything.”

Joshua tried to rouse David and after his grandfather failed to respond, he ran a quarter of a mile to summon help. The Dillonvale Fire Department was the first on scene, with Adena responders close behind. Joshua led them to his grandfather and the timely aid proved vital in saving David’s life.

“When I came to I was in the hospital with my arms scraped up from the rocks,” said David. “I was wondering where in the heck I was and what I was doing there.”

“He’s only 5 but he saved his grandpa’s life,” said Marian Nation, Joshua’s grandmother. “They said he did an awesome job. He was awesome.”

“He is special,” said David.

“He’s my angel. He saved my dad’s life,” said Michael Nation, Joshua’s father. “I can’t even express my feelings about my son. I couldn’t be more happy with him. He knew that his Pa Pa was hurt and he needed to get him help,” he said. “He said he wasn’t scared and he knew he had to get Pa Pa help. I’m sure a five year old seeing his grandpa passed out, that’s pretty scary.”

Nation noted the importance of telling children what to do in an emergency. “We always told him if anything bad happens, a fire or emergency or his granddad gets sick, you’ve got to be a big boy go to a police officer and get help. That’s all any parent could ask for, that they try to listen and pay attention,” Michael said. “It is great to tell your kids what to do in bad situations because they listen. They might not look like it but they do listen. That’s the only advice I can give to any parent. Talk to your kids. It does work.”