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HOPEDALE – For the past several years, the Parents and Teachers Organizations has provided entertainment in the form of rides, games and food on the final day of classes at the schools.
With the final day of classes at hand, the kids at the Hopedale Elementary School went about their normal routine of celebration, however this year the kids received a surprise in the form of an addition to the traditional rides being used.
For the first time, the PTO added a pair of mechanical bulls to the rides. Needless to say, the addition was a big hit. “We have provide entertainment to the kids for about nine years now,” said PTO president Missy Yoho. During the year to help support the cost of the rides, the kids get involved by participating in a fundraiser. This year’s fundraiser was a candy bar sale. “We were very fortunate this year, as the fundraising project raised enough money to pay for the entire cost of the entertainment. It is good to see how much the mechanical bull rides have entertained. The kids really worked hard during their fundraiser and they should enjoy themselves. Most of all, I’m glad that the weather cooperated today,” she added.
The rides and entertainment was provided to the kids for four hours lasting from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. Curt James Entertainments provided the rides. James has contracted with the PTO for the nine-year period.