News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – A crowd dedicated to supporting and honoring service personnel by using their freedoms of speech, assembly and religion filled the Cadiz town square during a TEA Party celebrating Armed Forces Day on March 15.

Chuck Moorehead, retired administrator of the Veteran’s Administration and veteran of the Vietnam War, spoke about the declaration of Armed Forces Day to mark an occasion to educate civilians concerning the military’s role both in the field and in civilian life. Another speaker was Robert Romig, retired Staff Sgt of 15 years with 1485 National Guard Transport. He called on individuals to show their appreciation, to honor those who have willingly given them their freedoms, often through sacrificing time with their families and even their lives.

David Daubenmire, congressional candidate for the 18th district and inspirational speaker for Pass the Salt Ministries also addressed those assembled. He praised the long line of patriots who laid down their lives so the country can be free.

Barry Momyer, member of Eastern Ohio Concerned Citizens, listed organizations that aid veterans overseas and at home. He urged support for local VFWs, American Legions, and military support groups that send care packages to remind them of home. Other programs include the Wounded Warriors Project to raise awareness of the needs of injured soldiers and the Fisher House, which provides homes for families of soldiers to remain close to their loved ones. Also mentioned was the Coalition to Support American Heroes. “They gave a lot for us and it should be no problem to give as much as we can for them,” Momyer said.

Roger Logsdon and the band Uncompromise, featuring Diane Bowling, Melanie Reynolds, Chris Braley, Sally Tucker, and Terry Babe, performed music.

Pictured above, Roger Logsdon sings during the Armed Forces Day Celebration and TEA Party.