CADIZ – In 1949, President Truman set aside the third Saturday of May to honor the men and women who make up the various branches of the Armed Forces. Armed Forces Day was to be a single day to commemorate the military, replacing the separate days that the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force celebrated.   While this day is celebrated among the military and their families, it is often overlooked by non-military.

This year the Eastern Ohio Concerned Citizens hopes to change that. They will be sponsoring the Armed Forces Appreciation TEA Party Rally on Saturday, May 15, from 12-1:30 p.m. at the Harrison County Courthouse in Cadiz.

There are men and women serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the world.  They choose to serve their country. Often they miss important events in the lives of their families; sometimes they are injured or worse, make the ultimate sacrifice. Where would  America be if people of great character had never stepped up to fight for this fledgling country many years ago? Today the military is filled with men and women of equal character. Every person that has served or is serving this country is a hero and this Rally is just an opportunity to acknowledge that.

Slated to speak at this event is Chuck Moorhead, a retired administrator of the Veteran’s Administration and a veteran of the Vietnam War. Dave Daubenmire, Congressional Candidate for the 18th District, and prior to that, he was an inspirational speaker with Pass the Salt Ministries. There will be patriotic music by Roger Logsdon and Melanie Reynolds. For more information go to or call 740-624-0543.