News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – A recent leak on one village property cost more than 400,000 gallons of water to run inside the building and had the owner seeking a price break. Anita Coultrap, who represented Stockison Inc., went before the Cadiz Board of Public Affairs on Tuesday requesting an adjustment after the leak led to a bill totaling $3,142.50. Coultrap said the building was abandoned when the incident occurred Feb. 26. According to officials, a three-quarter-inch line ruptured, possibly in several spots, and caused a massive leak that left water and ice inside the structure.

“We bought the former Jefferson Landmark building and haven’t done anything with it,” she explained. “We thought we turned the water off and there was a second [valve] we didn’t know about, and there was a leak.”

She and employee Milton Christian asked the board to consider an adjustment on the bill, but officials said a large quantity of water leaked and it also cost the water department workers time to locate the source. Crews spent several days checking abandoned homes and sites for the leak when it was discovered at the building.

A full story on the 400,000 gallon water leak and other topics Cadiz BPA meeting pick up the Mar. 20 edition of the Harrison News-Herald.