News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – Local law enforcement have another level of communication with upgraded systems for interoperability.

An estimated $43,000 grant from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency has helped equip cruisers with portable radios to stay in touch during emergencies. Sheriff Joe Myers said Ohio Multi-Agency Radio Communications Systems (MARCS) and Allied Information Solutions were on hand for the four-day project, which updated a total of 74 vehicles and portable units.

“This was made possible by a grant from the EMA and the Ohio Department of Public Safety,” Myers said. “It allows us to have interoperability throughout the state through the MARCS system. If we have some type of disaster and need to be on the same radio frequency, this allows us to do that.”

Thirty-four vehicles, including cruisers for the sheriff’s office, Tappan Lake Park Rangers and police departments in Cadiz, Hopedale, Jewett and New Athens were outfitted with the systems, as well as roughly 40 portable radios.

(To read a complete story about the upgraded radios pick up this Saturday’s edition of the Harrison News-Herald.)