Students make syrup straight from the tree


News-Herald Staff Writer

CADIZ – Students at Harrison Career Center are putting the finishing touches on a portable cabin to refine sap into maple syrup as part of a project through the agricultural department.

Robert Givens, instructor, said his students participated in every stage of the project from design to carpentry and final construction.

The cabin uses a natural induction system. The hot air from the process rises and is released through the top as steam and smoke.

The cabin took about a week to complete with 18 students working in shifts of up to five each. Cost of the project was about $600.

Givens added that they hope to branch out with the project. He noted many area residents have old sugar bushes. They may allow students to tap them or bring in the sap for refinement.

(Read the full story about the Harrison Career Center student’s cabin and their syrup production in the Feb. 27, edition of the Harrison News-Herald.)