JEWETT – Jewett village council started its first meeting of 2010 with a review of policies and welcomed a new council member at the Jan. 6 meeting.
New council member Ed Stark also attended his first meeting since being sworn in the previous Saturday. Stark, a first-time council member has a background in the coalfields and experience in the regular Army and National Guard.
His goals include finding more ways to utilize the park, repairs to roads and alleys.
For 2009, Police Chief Ron Carter reported 149 public service calls, 94 incident reports, 234 traffic stops, 119 traffic offenses cited, five crashes, three counts of domestic violence, six counts of theft, seven counts of breaking and entering, 852.1 gallons of fuel used, one notification of children’s services, 16 subjects jailed, one count vandalism, 16 court appearances, 33 drug items seized, four drug raids, and 12 subjects arrested on warrants.
New tires on the police cars will be purchased for $500.
In addition, Water Superintendent Patti Gross reported water and wastewater income of $17,867.90
In other matters, council authorized the purchase of new tires for the water truck for $500. They will look into tire providers. Council will order a new edge for the snowplow, wipers, motor, and order more salt.
Council also altered purchasing policies. $500 will be set aside monthly for water and street purchases.
Employees will be allotted $600 per year for clothing. Sick pay and benefits will also be established.
Council President Roger Walters recommended reviewing the employee handbook, noting it had not been updated for about three years. He also pointed out that the lagoon might need a storage area nearby for emergency equipment.
Mayor Dwight Busby noted council would adopt the Ohio Revised Code when it arrives.
Thanks went out to Stark and Allard Webb for their work in decorating the bridge, pavilion and park for the holiday season.
The temporary budget was set at $613,500.
A finance meeting will be set for 5 p.m. at the Jewett village office Jan. 11.